Upcoming Events

The Incubator hosts a number of events throughout the year, including:


High Altitude Investors* Forum  High Altitude Investors (HAI) is an organization of accredited investors. At the HAI Forum, invited companies present to a screening committee. After the screening, selected companies are invited to present to the High Altitude Investors meeting (usually every three months). The screening forum is hosted and organized by the Incubator. Interested in attending or presenting at the next HAI event? Please drop us a line:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


StartUp Roundtable. A forum where Incubator members exchange ideas and discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with running a startup company. A diverse array of speakers present “how-to” advice on how to grow a successful business.


StartUp Exchange. A high-impact networking and educational event for our members.


Workshops & Networking Events. A variety of educational workshops , taught by top executives and successful entrepreneurs from a variety of industries, are offered throughout the year.




Join the Coming Meet of Local Startup Owners

When the locality is all abuzz with new technical start-up companies that are launching their new products, it is all but natural that they meet at a place to enjoy and be informed about the latest developments in their line of businesses. One such meeting is going to take place in Colorado Springs where we will break out the gas smoker with all the new technological start-up companies for a wonderful time together.



FUND YOUR STARTUP! FREE Investor Pitch Clinic

Learn how to create pitches that get "yes" from investors! One hour session taught by a startup pro from Silicon Valley who has been on both sides of the table: as a founder/ CEO seeking funding for his startup and as an investor. FREE. Registration is required.



Next MashUp, April 16, Ivywild School. FREE!

TAKE THE PLUNGE!  At some level, we're all entrepreneurs--some of us in spirit; others in practice. The next MashUp is all about celebrating entrepreneurial courage and helping aspiring entrepreneurs take the next step, whatever it may be.  


Next MashUp! March 19. Connecting Investors, Entrepreneurs, & Startup Pros

Thanks for making MashUp a wonderful community-supported event. We had another fantastic turnout at January's MashUp! We really appreciate your support, as do Colorado Springs' entrepreneurs! The next MashUp is March 19 and will feature leading attorneys from Denver and Colorado Springs, who will discuss the pros and cons of patents.  A lot of people have already signed up so please be sure to register soon.  MashUp is FREE and open to the public.  Everyone is welcome!


MashUp::Wed, Jan 29 @ Bristol Brewery

In the startup world, the right connections are at least as important as a great idea. MashUp brings together investors, entrepreneurs, and startup pros, all with the goal of helping entrepreneurs succeed. Enjoy beer, food and fun at the Bristol Brewing Company. FREE! Everyone is welcome!

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“There’s a lot of poor advice out there, which can seriously damage or kill a new company. Entrepreneurs must be very careful about who they invite on their journey and what advice they take. I’m incredibly grateful to the Incubator team for their wisdom and expertise, which have been invaluable to my company.”

Rob Vincent
Founder & CEO of ABA Revolution
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