New Mowing Efficiency App Released in the Market

New Mowing Efficiency App Released in the Market

John Deere App

You can now monitor your mowing efficiency with John Deere’s new zero turn mower app and get real-time statistics of average speed, area covered and time taken together with equipment care tips and maintenance information with a new app developed by a start-up company in your area.

Technological applications are making a mark everywhere and in every field. It is also being introduced in landscaping and lawn keeping. Whether you have a personal lawn or you are a professional in the lawn keeping line, you will agree that lawn mowing is a cumbersome task. It is more than just shortening the length of the grass. You need to keep track of various statistics for proper efficiency and maintenance of the lawn as well as the equipment. However, you can sit relaxed as a new company has developed an app to help you monitor your mowing efficiency—MowerPlus.

This new app is suitable for iOS and Android smartphones. It is absolutely free. All you need is to download the app in tour handset and connect your phone to your mower. You will be amazed to see that you have all the statistics recorded on the app.

The special features of this app include:

  • Provides real-time statistics of speed and area covered so that you can adjust your equipment accordingly
  • Equipment tab which makes the app familiar with the model number and make of your mower and helps you with maintenance guidelines
  • A seasonal timeline to set reminders for timely mowing, fertilizing and aerating your lawn.
  • Storage of all service records to reduce the burden of separate records of repaired and removed parts
  • Provides access to service on demand
  • With such smart features, this new app is a real boon for all lawn mowing professionals and common homeowners
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