Here’s An App to Adjust the Firmness of Your Mattress

Here’s An App to Adjust the Firmness of Your Mattress

Smart Mattress

Adjust the firmness of your mattress with an app. Sleep well, get rid of body aches and stiff bones due to softening mattresses; avail the benefits of the new Smart Mattress with an app developed for you by the new Start up Techno Mattress Makers.

Sleep is the most desired essentiality for every kind of good health- physical, mental, social and professional. More and more people are concerned about their sleep and desire to make their beds and bedrooms more and more comfortable. A number of sleep tracking devices have flooded the market and are becoming popular. However, a recent app has come up with a unique feature that will keep your bones relaxed with the most suitable body posture. This app will be installed on your device, and the device will be connected to your mattress. It will increase or decrease the firmness of your mattress even while you are asleep and maintain the desired level of softness required by your body.

This app has been developed by expert app makers who have taken advice from orthopedic doctors and researchers of sleep technology. There are hundreds of people involved who are taking a responsible approach and ensure the positive effect the app will have on people.

The Technology of Smart Mattress

This smart mattress with its app is based on the pressure Technology which was developed about a decade ago. At first, it was used in the medical world to create beds for people with serious injuries of the spinal cord. Later it was made more useful and was utilized for making comfortable mattresses for the common people.

The mattress is layered up with a special kind of fabric that can detect body movements and pressure. After detecting the pressure, the message is transferred to the app, and the underlying layers of the mattress are inflated or deflated according to body requirements.

People feel restless and rigid on traditional mattresses because the cotton or foam is static and gets compressed with the weight of the body. As a result blood circulation stops in certain portions causing stiffness and aches. With this smart mattress and the app, the blood circulation is efficiently managed by the app.

This smart Mattress with the firmness app is a new product but the developers claim that it is safe and has been launched after multiple testing.

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