Why support us?

Entrepreneurs change the world. 

The more successful startups we have, the better we grow as a community. 



Helping entrepreneurs is in our DNA.  Everyone at the Incubator—from our core team to our extensive network of investors and mentors--is passionate about helping startup entrepreneurs succeed.  That’s why we collectively donate thousands of hours to startup companies—members as well as nonmembers—each year.  We also provide valuable education workshops and networking opportunities for all entrepreneurs in the region and the people who support them.


Did you know?

Startup companies in incubators have a higher success rate than those developing without the critical business assistance provided by incubators.  Consider this: more than 65% of incubator-based early-stage companies are likely to receive third party financing, compared to less than 10% of early-stage companies not based in an incubator. 87% of incubator graduate companies remain in business after three years, compared to just 50% of non-incubator start-ups.


Two Organizations, One Roof

Risk capital is the fuel of innovation and job creation. While no amount of money will make a bad business successful, no business can survive without enough capital to develop products, hire good people, and attract customers.


Raising capital is a nerve racking process for mostentrepreneurs. The Incubator team helps growth-oriented entrepreneurs find capital and structure investments.  We also work with entrepreneurs to help them understand how angel investors and venture capitals work, what they are looking for, and what it takes to  successfully pitch their company.  For qualifying companies, we provide access to early-stage capital through our global network of investors and organizations such as High Altitude Investors (HAI), a Colorado Springs-based angel investor network.   HAI is administered by the Incubator.  Together with our partners, we help select, prep and introduce qualifying companies to potential HAI investors.  Companies that apply to present at HAI forums, receive valuable feedback directly from investors and successful entrepreneurs with “been there, done that” experience.


A Safe Haven for New Companies

Research shows that bad personnel decisions about equity, partners, hires and investors drive most startups’ early failures.  Improper planning and execution, combined with inadequate capitalization can also lead to startups’ early demise.  The Incubator offers new businesses a safe, supportive haven where they can learn, grow and flourish.



dr-davis“At the Incubator, entrepreneurs are surrounded by like-minded individuals and plenty of professionals who have ‘been there already’ to help guide them through the tough times and help them integrate all aspects of their business.”

Dr. Alan Davis, business strategist, successful entrepreneur, & Incubator mentor


rob-vincent “There’s a lot of poor advice out there, which can seriously damage or kill a new company. Entrepreneurs must be very careful about who they invite on their journey and what advice they take. I’m incredibly grateful to the Incubator team for their wisdom and expertise, which have been invaluable to my company.”

Rob Vincent, Founder/CEO of ABARevolution and Incubator member



Free Workspace for Entrepreneurs & the People Who Serve Them

In the summer of 2012, the Incubator launched the Startup Factory, a free collaborative workspace where entrepreneurs can work, meet and learn from other entrepreneurs. The Startup Factory was born out of a desire to help early stage entrepreneurs better collaborate with peers, receive guidance from experienced advisors, and create new opportunities. The Factory is furnished with desks, chairs, and whiteboards, which are free for qualifying entrepreneurs to use. Qualifying entrepreneurs can use the Startup Factory’s work spaces on a drop-in basis.


Be a Part of the Colorado Springs Technology Incubator!


Volunteer with us. Get involved with any of our projects or member companies.


Donate to the Incubator. We work hard to fulfill our mission efficiently. To this end, we rely on thousands of volunteer hours from our members and our Board. Thanks to their generosity, we are able to operate with very low overhead (we have only 2 full-time and 1 part-time paid staff members). Please consider making a donation to the Incubator. Even the smallest dollar amount helps further our mission.

“When I brought Spectware into the Incubator, we had a great idea and a partially completed piece of technology. They took my industry experience and combined it with their expertise and turned us into a fast-growth company. It was like taking a crash course in a real-world masters degree program for entrepreneurial business growth.”

Eric Skinner
Founder & CEO of Spectware
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